About coal seam gas

Coal seam gas is simply natural gas sourced from coal deposits.

Natural gas – or methane – is found in several different types of rocks, including coal seams, sandstones and shales.

How is natural gas formed?

Natural gas and oil are important fossil fuels formed from the decomposition and pressurisation of algae, plankton and other organisms.

This process forms hydrocarbons – compounds consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon that form powerful combustible fuels.

Uses of gas

Natural gas is a reliable and flexible fuel.

Natural gas is also important in many industrial processes, including making fertilisers, glass, steel, plastics, fabrics, paint and many other products.

It is an important part of domestic energy supply and underpins a growing export fuel sector (liquefied natural gas – or LNG).

Natural gas in everyday life

In generating electricity, gas can be used for baseload power, peaking power and intermittent power.

It can also be used to directly fuel appliances such as heaters and stoves.