Working on the land

The Australian coal seam gas industry has worked alongside agriculture in for almost two decades and has signed  more than 5000 land access agreements with landholders in both Queensland and NSW. Coal seam gas activities can complement farming activities and facilitate regional development.

CSG wells can be sited along fence-lines and roadsides to minimise any disruption to farming activities.

CSG operations also now provide secure and predictable supplies of  treated water to many Queensland farmers – an invaluable resource in times of drought.

Here’s what farmers are saying about CSG and the land:

Roma farmer Peter Thompson (The Australian 26 October 2013) – “CSG is a window in time that is creating an opportunity to rejuvenate agriculture – you can look at it that way rather than put your head in the sand and wish it would go away.

“The compensation frees up the operation to make a farm more efficient and so many people against it don’t realise that.

“If you get in there and take an active interest, be genuine about your concerns, genuine about what you’re prepared to do and not do … the people (companies) do listen to you.”

Condamine farmer Simon Drury (Courier Mail 7 December 2011) – “We have not found a downside yet…I think it’s wonderful for the region.”