Working with farmers

Coal seam gas operations can complement farming activities.

The industry has signed more than 5000 land access agreements with farmers, with the vast majority of these being in Queensland.

Farmers coexisting with coal seam gas operations enjoy the benefit of securing additional income streams – rain, hail or shine.

Before accessing land covered by an exploration permit, an operator must negotiate an access agreement with a landowner. This will compensate the landowner for any potential disruption to their day-to-day business.

If for any reason the landholder isn’t satisfied with the negotiation process, there are avenues for mediation between the two parties.

Exploration involves minimal disturbance and, once the wells are established, the ongoing operation is unobtrusive, occupying a small area of cleared land. After production has ceased, well sites are rehabilitated to an agreed standard with the environmental regulator.

In addition to its low impact on agricultural operations and its capacity to strengthen farmers’ incomes, the coal seam gas industry has revitalised agricultural regions by enabling much-needed economic development and construction of infrastructure and community facilities.