Fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions refer to unintended releases of gas from industry operations.

In CSG operations, this includes methane released from exploration drilling, production testing and well completion, and gas production activities.

The industry reports emissions from all stages of CSG production, supply and use to the Department of Environment and the Clean Energy Regulator under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and reported publicly in Australia’s National Greenhouse Accounts.

Fugitive emissions resulting from oil and natural gas production represent just 2.3 per cent of all emissions as reported publicly in the National Greenhouse Accounts.  By way of comparison the fugitive emissions from coal are responsible for nearly 5.5 per cent of all emissions (nearly 2.5 times as large).

Oil and natural gas fugitive emissions have declined by nearly 4 per cent since 1990 while overall production levels have increased – for example, domestic gas production has grown 108 per cent and liquefied natural gas production by 601 per cent during this period.

The gas industry supports research being undertaken by the CSIRO to investigate fugitive emissions from Natural CSG production in Australia. For more information see this link.