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Fact-checking the AWU’s gas report

Blog 14 February 2018

AWU report peddles misleading, out-of-date data to support the union’s agenda to cut Australia’s LNG exports. The AWU’s alternative policy would jeopardise investment in new gas supply, costing jobs and pushing up prices.

AWU call to curb gas exports misses the point

Blog 5 February 2018

If it cares about jobs, the Australian Workers’ Union should call for immediate removal of state government-imposed bans on gas operations rather than heavy-handed restrictions on gas exports.

Key role for gas in meeting Australia’s climate targets

Blog 19 December 2017

Gas-fired generation is essential to maintaining reliable energy supply while reducing emissions from the electricity sector.  On-call gas-fired peaking plants are the ideal back-up for intermittent renewable energy.

Studies confirm CSG industry chemicals pose little risk

Blog 12 December 2017

Studies from CSIRO and the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme have confirmed that the coal seam gas industry's use of chemicals poses little risk to the community or the environment.

Queensland CSG is powering eastern Australia

Blog 8 December 2017

A new report prepared for the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council confirms the growing contribution of Queensland coal seam gas to Australia’s energy security and economic prosperity.